About me and this blog

Hi, I’m Richard and I work for Automattic (WordPress.com) as a Happiness Engineer on Team Custom and you can typically find me hanging out in the CSS Customization forum helping all of you with your CSS questions.

This blog will be pretty random when it comes to content and when I post.

7 thoughts on “About me and this blog

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  2. Nita

    You are so right, a comment is conversation! (I am here from Brightfeather’s blog). But there are some people who visit blogs just to attack again and again and again! I think something is seriously wrong with them. It also gets difficult to handle them as they are clever and don’t use bad words etc. Anyway, I am learning! I think I am going to add that bit what you said…a comment is conversation. So true!!

  3. Richard Post author

    Nita, yes it is sad that there are those that seem to only exist to attack. The seeming anonymity of the internet I think is part of the reason. I don’t believe that most of these people would communicate in such a manner if they were standing face to face.

    The one thing the blog owner has is the right to choose whether a comment is going to appear or not. It is our blog. That of course protects others from seeing the bad comments, but we as the blog owner are not spared from having to read it. Luckily I have had to face the choice of whether to allow or disallow a comment only a few times.

  4. timethief

    Woo hoo! I finally had the time to visit and you changed all the furniture — just joking. It’s a very “masculine” skin. 😉

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